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The Toronto Bills

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This is certainly a bad topic for Grey Cup Sunday, but a pall has fallen over the league of late.

It is looking more and more like the NFL is coming to Canada. Not because there isn't enough fan support in Buffalo, but rather because there is more corporate support in Toronto. And the fact that Toronto fans are willing to pay more at the gate than Buffalo fans doesn't help matters. From the show I just watched, the CHEAPEST season ticket to watch an NFL team in Toronto would be $20,000/year.

But my own personal issue is that this would be the death knell for the Canadian Football League. The corporate sponsorship currently going to the Argos and the Tigercats would now be going to the big boy in town. There are rumours running around that the league could partner with the NFL and become a true development league like the AHL and the NHL complete with big club affiliations. But would the corporate sponsors be willing to shell out cash to support a minor league team when there is an NFL team in town? It's doubtful.

So with Toronto and Hamilton both out of the CFL, we end up with BC(Vancouver), Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg and Montreal. That's not enough teams for a league. I think the league just ends up folding if the NFL comes across the border.

So for the sake of us CFL fans, for the sake of the Bills fans in Buffalo and for the sake of football fans in both countries, I hope the Bills stay right where they are. But by the looks of it, money talks and this is a done deal.

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