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Nice one NJ Devils. Wait, are you talkin' bout' Airplane 1 or 2. . . . .Anyway, you could've asked the old white lady sittin' here next to me cuz she could have interpreted it for ya. lmao :blahblah:

I've been boycotting Airplane 2. So 1. And I don't have an old lady next to me who talks Jive! :lol: I think Google (http://www.google.com/language_tools?hl=en) needs a Jive addition actually!

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Yo kid, you mad funny. You's alright. Ya pops was postin' somethin on another thread. It was somewhat confusin' 'bout the two different styles of writin' til he said he was ya pops. Aight, well hope to c ya 2day at 5. I'll be droppin by 230 2 c if I can spot ya. Fa shizzle. One. Let's Go DEVILS!

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