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after seeing jagr's grill get smashed by a puck, teeth shattered and falling out of his mouth...than he comes right back and grinds out a huge goal...

after seeing that, i must say...i have a new respect for jagr.

he's by no means "done"...he may in fact be too good for the current rangers line-up...why the hell did they not retain nylander???

jagr with the right line mates would dominate...i hope he goes to a team that can utilze him to his full capabilities...preferably a team on the west coast...lol!

They didn't retain Nylander because he was 35 when he signed the contract this summer and he saw no reason to take less money or years to stay in NY. It may have meant something to Jagr to keep him (I really think it did) but it meant nothing to Nylander to stay. NY may not have known that Jagr was going to have this kind of year (which would mean he might not automatically - or at all) be there next year, but they certainly thought they might not have more than 2 more seasons of Jagr, including this season. Why keep Nylander for more than that?

It appears that Jagr was better off with Nylander - but was it worth having to carry Nylander for the full 4 years (even if you buy him out, you get hit for the full capo charge because he was 35 years when he signed).

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On his show today he said the following: At Saturday's game Mark Madden had a conversation with Jaromir Jagr. Jagr reportedly said "I'm going to play at least one more year after this season, maybe i'll finish my career up in Pittsburgh. I love it here, I still own my house here, it only seems fitting" When asked about being booed every time he touched the puck Jagr said with a smile, "I know they don't mean it"
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I would rather like "Satan" in a Devil uniform.

I think just about every Devils would love to see "Satan" on the back of a Devils jersey, but thats purely for the name only.

In all honest, I believe Jagr still has some life in him, and still makes me hold my breath when he rushes in on Brodeur with the puck. He's still dangerous. I'm just confused at how he, the team captain, could tell the coaching staff he couldn't handle the shootout. Someone with the mentality worries me as a player.

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