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Ask the Devils- Halloween Costume

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http: //devils.nhl.tv/team/launch.htm?type=fvod&id=7090&catid=551

Sorry this may already be posted but I am seeing it for first time and found some of the responses hysterical... like Langenbrunner and Elias for instance.

Also - you have to take the space out between the : and / It would not let me post for some reason... I dont know why..so I just put a space there.

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I had a hard time understanding some of them...

Marty - ???

Elias - Denis Rodman

Brylin - Sherlock Holmes

Pando - couldn't remember but he wouldn't mind being a storm trooper

Madden - wore stilts and was 8ft tall in all black

White - dog the bounty hunter hahaha

Langs - playboy bunny

Gionta - ghostbusters

Rupp - hulk hogan

Martin - dodgeball team

Parise - went as Zajacs golf caddy

Zajac - ninja turtle - raphel

Oduya - pimp haha

Cam - garfield outfit

Zubrus - freddy(from nightmare on elm street im assuming)

Asham - a suitcase girl from deal or no deal

Weekes - dracula

Karel - ??? something about an afro

Vish - ???

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yeah, rachunek said an 80s guy with a big afro.

As for Marty, "someone at St. Barnabas gave him the thing y'know with the bag on top, walkin around..."

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