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Whos going to the atlanta game?


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I can't believe they expected people to trek out in this... i just called and they said "if the other team gets here, the game goes on, no refunds"

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Have fun kids.... tho shalt not fvck with my football Sundays :P

I'll have the game on behind me and I'll keep an eye on it... but there is no better joy then a full Sunday of NFL B )

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I'll have to agree with Crasher, there is nothing better than football on a Sunday, but when your team is the Raiders, hockey can count as a great fillin. 232 here, and we'll c ya at the game.
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I'd take hockey over any NFL game any day of the week. Hell if there was a hockey game on the same time as the SuperBowl I would be one of the few watching the hockey game.

Ill be at the game, and if you think the snow outside is bad than geez you haven't seen anything yet.

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