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Redd's Biergarten was supposed to originally open sometime, in October, but when I went to a game a couple of weeks ago and peeked through one of the windows, the space is still pretty much in it's gutted state.  I say maybe by New Year's at this point unless they really hussle.


Had pizza at Edison Ale House at the same game and looks like they changed it.  Wasn't too impressed and was a bit bland.  Beers are still good.


I really wonder what's going on with the space that was once BCBG.  Last I heard a chain was looking at that spot.  Wonder if the rent is scaring off potential suitors.

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BCBG is tough, no corner retail so you are really dependent on the arena and hoping to scalp some business from the hotel. I think the big problem is the gateway building and the loss of some of their tenants. I'll be curious if anything ever comes out of the Biergarten  as it was a ton of square footage. Lots of fun on the other side of Raymond with the Starbucks, Blaze pizza, burger walla and Burg opening. I see the old Port 44 building got sold so that might be something. I think the cool part is the city is pushing for Triangle park to force the redevelopment agreements around the area to move forward which will mean we will be seeing new developments every year for a while.

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It's about time as originally it was supposed to open in the fall of 2015.  However, in NJ rarely anything opens/finishes on time so this is not really out of the ordinary.

The menu looks good albeit heavy Americanized.  Out of the 4 "biergartens" in NJ that I can think of off the top of my head (Pisner Haus in Hoboken, Asbury Park Festhalle and Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City), this looks the least authentic based on menu and décor.  Also the space is too small and too segmented to really be a "hall" but instead just a somewhat large room (and this is comparing it to the other beer halls in NJ that I mentioned).

Still, I will def try them out next time in the area as it is certainly different and their beer selection is supposed to be about 50 taps.

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13 hours ago, DevsMan84 said:

Haven't been over there.  Problem with it is location and space.  Facing wrong direction and not easy to see from any direction unless you are literally driving past it.

Looks promising, but someone needs to tell them that Margherita pizza generally doesn't have pepperoni on it.

I tried going Friday night and it wasn't open so gonna have to try another day. I walk from that direction so it's convenient for me if it ever opens. I had gone to the monk room a few times. 

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