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Millfield Marksman on board

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Holiday Greetings to all from Haddington in Scotland :cheers:

Just getting to grips with the nuts and bolts of the NHL after having had hockey impose itself upon my consciousness for some months now. Why it has to be now that I should get myself involved, I couldn't really tell you, but the more I see TV highlights the more I think "that looks like a bit of fun - I'll have me some of that". Maybe it's the time of year for starting something new :beerbang:

Bearing in mind that I'm a complete beginner (not to the rules of the game (I think) but the NHL setup), please bear with me as I gaffe my way through the first few games with you. At least any mistakes will be made with an endearing English accent :P

So, at 12 midnight UK time, I shall (internet permitting :pray: ) be listening to my first live broadcast featuring the Devils. If I was further up the techno-geek evolutionary scale I would have attempted a live TV feed but, hey, baby steps.

Yours Aye

Millfield Marksman

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Don't look at me - I've been in the Cinema a dozen times in as many years and rarely watch re-runs on TV. Unless it's Monty Python related :ph34r:

Half asleep at work here. Won't be watching too many mid-week games past the first period I don't think. More coffee :w00t:

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Daft question number 4.

Last night, the Panthers were penalised for numbers on ice. I see it is given as a team penalty. What action is taken against the team? If it's a player penalty he gets benched, but for a team?...

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