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NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend


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This is my favorite weekend for the playoffs: The Top 4 teams are in action, all the games are all huge, and Buffalo is not involved so I can relax and kick back :boogie:

Here are some "Quick Picks" for the weekend:

Green Bay 30, Seattle 24: Key here is turnovers, turnovers, turnovers: Seattle forces a lot of them and they they don't, they lose. I give the edge to the Pack and home field in this one, but not overly confident in this pick. Hopefully Mr. Hasselbeck will not make any comments if this one goes OT again, like he did LAST time!

New England 41, Jacksonville 17: Why fight it? New England is home, even if you play 'the perfect game' there are a couple of others on the field who will work against you. Brady goes wild against the 'Ville's suspect corners, Garrard throw 3 picks. Ho hum.

NY Giants 27, Dallas 24: UPSET special! Reasons: Dallas has not played a crisp game in over a month, T.O is FAR from 100 percent and I like the Giants ability to run the ball. Key here is: Can the Giants sustain enough pressure on Romo to make him uncomfortable, and Eli needs to play mistake free football. I'm betting both of these things will happen. $orry CRA$HER, remember, things can always be worse, you could have been rai$ed a Bills fan :o

Indianapolis 30, San Diego 21: Part of me would love to pick the Chargers here, but the Charges secondary is suspect and without Gates, that will force Rivers to make more plays, and on the road against a battle tested team, I have to go with the Colts and Manning.

What are your picks?

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Probably the worst word play I've ever seen. you could have said Roy "Blind" Williams... but what you said sounded bad. Like... Jeremy "My leg Hurts" Shockey. :giggle:

In any note, this is the biggest game in dallas in the last decade, so don't think they are going to take it lightly.

(BTW Crash and UDX, you see on d-c-b.com that all fans in attendance are supposed to wear white.. it'd make the place look pretty cool!)

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I didn't review the games last week... well basically with the travel schedule I had and all the Rutgers and drinking at the Leafs game I did NOT give the games the proper attention they deserved and I figured to not give it a proper job it was not worth doing..... so here goes... three weeks to go in the NFL, let's GET TO IT!!!

Seattle at Green Bay

This one looks like a very intriguging game, but then again they all do (after maybe a less then good regualr season maybe this is the year the NFL FINALLY asserts itself with a playoff year that rivals the NHL (and if you don't watch it NOTHING tops the drama of the Stanley Cup Playoffs), these teams know each other very well and I don't think anyone outside the Packer organization knows Brett Favre any better then Mike Holmgren does... and there's a lot of reasons to get off yer butt come 4pm Saturday!

Why Seattle can win:

You NEVER know when Brett Favre will explode and evil Brett will throw 4 interceptions in a half....Seattle has a good fast defense that can pressure and try to limit the Packer balance... Matt Hasselbeck is as underrated as you can be and still be a damn good QB, their offense is built on progression and distribution and not just get one or two guys the ball and that is difficult to defend... Lambeau Field ain't what it used to be as a home field (though the weather may re-assert that)

Why Green Bay can win:

A lot of time in the playoffs it's not what you can do but it's what you CAN'T do... and Seattle can't run the ball to save their lives!!! Add in the bad weather scenario and being able to run the ball is gonna be even more key, Favre doesn't HAVE to win the game by himself... he's got a good running game and a tough young defense, I'm not that worried about the "lack of playoff experience"... in fact the guy I concern myself most with on this team IS Favre and he's older then me :P, Green Bay can win cause they're home and the superior team and it comes down to that

What will happen?

I think I really alluded to this one above... it's gonna take a monster game from Hasselbeck, and the Seattle defense will have to play out of their minds.... I don't see it happening (but for the gamblers out there... the spread is WAY TOO HIGH on this game), Green Bay will win... but it will be a battle and it could be fun to see this go to overtime and see Holmgren TACKLE Hasselbeck instead of letting him go talk smack after the coin toss!!!!

Jacksonville at New England

Clash of the Titans!! Yes I've been on this game for 6-8 weeks now and HERE IT IS.... nothing much on the line here... except a trip to the AFC Title Game and my alleged "football cred" on the line here... but hey I called this way back when... so I gotta go with it....

How Jacksonville can win:

Run that damn ball like crazy on the older, slower Patroit linebackers... beat em up with the offensive line... slow them down... make some big plays when needed on offense.... attack on defense too (look what the Jags and the pressure did last week to Rothelsberger who had his best season as a pro this year).... Look for Maurice Jones-Drew to be a major pain in the neck in the return game too and with dump-off passes

How the Pats can win:

Be themselves... it's not gonna be about the defense for them... they can line it up... spread it out and assault them with Welker, Moss, Stallworth and even Kevin Faulk too... do what got you here and simply assume this Jags team is not gonna be able to match you up to 30+ points....

What will happen?

Well the Pats have been slipping a little (end of season doldrums? League catching up?)... and the Jags had a GUTTY win last week despite the near-collapse, but they found a way to win the game... I've been high on them a long long time now... and THIS is the game they come of age!!! 16-1 season indeed!!!!

San Diego at Indianpolis

A rematch of a game about 2 months ago... but it's a VERY different animal this time... the Colts are healthy and the Chargers have found themself somewhat in the time between then and now..this game could get ugly fast as San Diego is prone to not answering the bell when knocked down....

How San Diego can win:

They're over the playoff hump... there's NO pressure on the Chargers now, this game is supposed to be a formality and stepping stone to Pats-Colts II... and this team is LOADED in talent... Tomlinson, the receivers are better... Merriman is good... and Cromartie may be the best playmaking D-Back you don't know about! They have the talent and if they have the will... they can make a fight in this one (and don't look now Rivers had a pretty damn good game last week too).... Peyton Manning has still had his issues in the playoffs, despite one big half last year in New England...

How the Colts can win:

Be healthy... rattle the Chargers in the dome, use your weapons...beat them down with Adaai and Keith, Bob Sanders stuffs Tomlinson and Phillip Rivers can't have two big weeks in a row... and the better team at home tends to win this... beat up the Chargers early and they will FOLD

What will happen?

I can't see the Colts losing this game after all they went through this year... and I can't see BOTH New England and the Colts out of the playoffs already.... I don't see the Chargers being able to match up unless Manning is flat out AWFUL... and this could be an ugly blowout.....

Giants at Cowboys

Round III of this one... and I'm not really looking forward to it... a week of nonsense and idiocy from the NY Sports Fan has me good and pissed off for this one (well that and a sorting of other sh!t too).... but if this game is like the last two it will deliver like the other games this weekend

How the Giants can win:

Balance... run the ball some... make some plays with Plaxico and Boss, get the pass rush to be a factor (not that easy with the 1600 pounds of Pro Bowl Bulk on the Cowboys O-Line)... Eli needs to be the Eli of the last two weeks and good weather helps with that....

How the Cowboys can win:

Be HEALTHY... Owens looks good to go... and FINALLY Terry Glenn looks ready to be unleashed... don't be afraid to go out there and throw the ball all over the place.. and yeah that Witten guy too should have a big day if the Giants need to over-worry the WR's.... the O-Line has shut down the Giants front four twice so why not a 3rd time too?? And the Cowboy pass rush had good success on Eli too... just do what you did to get here... and oh yeah... Make Jessica Simpson wear the fvcking TEAM COLORS ... grr... pink jerseys!!!

What will happen:

Once is a fluke... twice is a trend.... three times is a trip to the NFC Title Game!!!

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The media means little to nothing. They are all over the G-Men because they beat a lucky-to-be playoff team. Do I think the Boys will blow them out? Nah. But I think they will find a way to pull it out... and here's the thing that pisses me off to NO end... EVERY SINGLE sports preview of this game says, in the last 3 games, the Cowboys have won 2, and the Giants have won one. That isn't true god damnit! The Cowboys won the two this year, and the latter one in Giants stadium last year (remember automatica-gramatica ;))

Steers or Queers?

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Cause Jerry Jones reminds him of when Al Davis was relevant??

(see I can talk it up all I want on the Raiders cause we won more this year then they have in the last three years... the current game... I stay FAR AWAY from :P)

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So hate the damn Patriots, that was none of our doing :P

So a coach who hasn't coached the team in 12 years and won 3 Super Bowls jinxed them !!?!?!? :blink:

I need that kinda jinx the next time I play poker :P

the athlete is different now as opposed to the Landry era....mulit-million dollar contracts to boys not old enough to handle the success they are given is that factor... not a coach... not a team jersey

you're not dealing with some smug college kid here (though as I may still awesomely look and act the part :thumbsup:... I've been around for enough ups AND downs with both the teams I root for to know the difference)

I still wanna know when I became a bastion of REASON on this board !?!?! :noclue:

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I'm not a fan of any NFL team in particular, but if I HAD to pick it would be the G-Men. I just don't see how people think the Giants will win, if they do it'll be an upset. It's in Dallas, Dallas is the better team even with T.O not at 100 percent. I'm not saying they can't, I just don't think they will.

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Wow I was gonna say something and continue this dopey Cowboys/Radiers fan feud... but Ryan Grant can NOT hold on to the football at ALL now!!! :blink:

what a TOTAL collapse and it's not even 2 minutes into the game!!

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