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Ever have a question about something but thought it wasn't something worth starting a thread about or derailing an existing thread?

So if you have a question, comment, statement or whatever, post it here and perhaps you'll get an answer!

BTW, CRASHER, there is no way to send this topic off-topic, it's ALWAYS off-topic! Muhahahaha!

OK, I'll start...this has been bugging me. This lady is featured in the SAG Awards commercial and she says something like "It's kinetic, can't you feel it?" She looks very familiar but I'm drawing a blank on her name...I'm sure someone here will get it in two seconds and I'll be like Ohhhh yahhhhh. :P

Sorry for the crappy picture but I had to take a picture of the TV screen...




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so my friends go to leave the house after another episode of MONDAY NIGHT RAW (points for Wrestling reference)... and there's a FAROOQING HOMELESS GUY SLEEPING IN THE HALLWAY... what the hell... I know it's cold and crappy out tonight... but flipping hell... get a job man and get outisde !?!?!?

Who the hell let him in anyway !??!?! :blink:

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Isn't it wrong for a used cars lot to describe a car as "pre-owned"?

"Pre-" means... *looking up in dictionary* ...here it is...it means "before."

So how can they take a car, which has already been owned and driven by someone else, and label it as "before-owned"?

Doesn't that imply that it's new?

Here's another one...why do people CONSTANTLY say they "could care less" about something? That means they DO care, even if just a little. I believe the correct saying is: "COULDN'T care less."

Lastly, why do I have to wear pants?

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