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So I finally gave the Bouncing Souls a listen after seeing lastone and cupcake say how awesome they are for the past, what, 2 years in this thread? What was I waiting for? They are indeed awesome. What album would you guys recommend getting first?

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Random story but it made me laugh tonight. A couple of years ago I was driving back from school in Maryland to NJ in the middle of the night during a snow storm. I had to address some relationship issues so I pretty much left on a whim. While it was storming it wasn't that atrocious out and I'd figure I'd be back in NJ within a couple of hours. Shortly after getting on where 78 starts in PA the highway became a standstill. Eventually my 91 Caddy died and after waiting a few hours freezing I ended up sleeping in a trucker's cabin (sketchy I know but I had no other choice). Eventually we found out from his boss that the highway was being shutdown for perhaps another day so after tinkering with my car I was able to get it off the highway and barely into a gas station/store. While I was in there I was explaining to the clerk that I needed to use a phone since my phone had died and I only had about $2 on me. Two people from NJ overhead me talking and offered me a ride home. They seemed nice so I took them up on it and thanks to this guys pilot GPS we we're able to take his Ford Bronco across random back roads and farms and after about 8 hours into NJ. While re-telling this story tonight at dinner one of my new friends started to ask me questions about the people who gave me a ride and it turns out it is actually another pilot he knows and flys with occasionally. Definitely going to hit that guy up now for some beers or something, never got a chance to repay him back then and never thought I would have the chance. Small world, eh?

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EXACTLY sammy.... an hump day alone -- well -- it's just not hump day then is it?

Arnott's TimTams lest we forget 3*s - or are there other kinds?

and how is a hobnob seriously any different from any chocolate covered digestive? and we used to always get McVetty's here in the states for half of what American cookies cost - like we do with Hit bickies still -- now?!?!? They're like $5 for 8 :rolleyes:

and NOW I want my daughter to sing baby shark all the time like she used to last year....

these things drive you nuts and you think it'll never stop... but it's all such a short time. My baby is growing up so fast!

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