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Devil Fan From Kansas


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Hey everyone my name is zach, i live in wichita kansas (aka the other hell). I have played hockey for 10 years, i am a goaltender. My parents are originally from jersey, but moved here for work. I have followed hockey all my life, we have a minor league team here (wichita thunder). So just saying hello and LETS GO DEVILS!!!

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In 2001, the rangers first pre-season game after 9/11 was against the devils. Met some guys from Kansas who said they were big devils fans. actually stayed with the team when the went from KC to Colorado to NJ. I had an extra ticket as did the woman who sits two rows in front of me. We were going to sit together in her seats and sell my pair and split the money. Guys were Ironworkers from the KC suburbs in town to help with the clean-up. Seats at the time were $25 each, they were shocked about how much they cost for a pre-season game. At first we were hoping to get $15 each, but we just gave the guys the tixx. Couldn't bring myself to take their money.

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But be careful of some posters... they bite...

naughty!!!!..NAUGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're NAUGGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\

and HELLO:) (im not as mean as i seem...I meaner..just thought i'd tell ya.....:))

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