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Read indicator reverts to Unread


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As I read thru a forum and have about 3 or 4 threads left to read, I hit return to Hell and all of a sudden what I just read (and was showing as being read) changes back to the bright color indicating there are some new unread replies. I go into the thread and realize that I have already read the thread and nothing is new. Anyone having this problem? Any idea why this is happening. I keep losing track of what I read and haven't yet read. :noclue:

I have read the older thread and guess I should've just re-opened it...sorry...b4 anyone says anything, I have the problem whether I hit refresh or not...I use F5 so much I am surprised it is still working on my keyboard...IE is current and hasn't been modified lately...btw...this post can be merged into the other thread...doesn't seem like it got resolved :noclue:

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Thnx DM...I am going to be more watchful of when it happens, date/time and exactly what was I doing just before it happened...maybe if I can collect enough data we can re-create the issue...watch...now it won't happen just like when you have a squeak in a car and when it gets to the mechanic the sqeak disappears ;)

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It happened again Jan. 28 however I kept track of this:

I was in Hell and heard something on the TV that made no sense at approx 12:55P.

I opened a tab and did a search RE: tv tidbit.

I was in the 2nd tab more than 5 minutes.

When I returned to forum at 1:05 all the threads that I had read were marked as not read.

I know because I only had 3 threads left to read.

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Under the same conditions that I had in previous post, I have had it happen 2 more times...one when I was perusing the link abt TFP and again when I was reading another link...it only took 7 and 5 min respectively to recreate the reverting to show as not read. This all happened between 8:15P and 8:40P Jan 28.

I will keep posting anymore info on these circumstances...if I can recreate it under different conditions I will add that to the thread also :)

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Now it is wierd...I start reading my thread oldest to newest...I got to the very 1st and felt I was all done but nooooooooooooooo....as I scroll everything and I mean everything I read was marked as not read...I wonder if the refresh rate of the forum has anything to do with this mystery :noclue: It is now 1:45P Jan 30...I have been in the forums about 15 minutes.

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