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The Official Clarkson Wraparound Attempt Count Thread


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From here on out I'll be keeping track of Clarkson's wraparound attempts. Let's see if he ever scores on one!

Current Count


Goals Scored


1/2 goal scored on Tuesday, December 30th vs. St. Louis Blues. Other half scored by Brian Rolston.

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Clarkson went 0 for 0 on the wraparound tonight, which is surprising.

One spot early in looked like he was going to try a wraparound but the attempt was broken up by Pitt's D before I could really count it, and another time later in the game he had the puck behind the net all alone with time, and decided to skate up to the half boards instead. I was VERY surprised.

Clearly we lost this game because Clarkson did not try the wraparound.:P

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Cowutopia, hey man I'm not trying to instigate, so don't take this the wrong way, since I know that "Clarkson's Wraparound" is really your thing....

but...if its so "surprising" why is it that Henrik's stick went flat to the ice the minute he saw Clarkson head for behind the net?

I think many of the NHL goalies have CI and a DVR...that's why.

Don't get me wrong, I love him, and the trick, but I think he has the potential to have a bigger bag of offensive tricks and be less predictable.

...Or it could be that it worked so well in Dec....but has been pretty dry since.

Anyways...keep the count going!

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