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Revitalization Around The Rock

The Rock 07

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I think the big changes are that the Indigo is open and if you haven't gone to ALVA or SKYLAB (The rooftop bar). You are missing out. The big thing is the development around the corner is still moving forward with both RBH Group and Fidelco doing work on Market between University and Mullberry.


As for triangle park there is reason to believe it will happen. The redevelopment agreements on all the owners surrounding the agreement were tied to that park being done and they it forces them to develop their lots. The city is pushing hard for this to happen because it needs the retables from buildings that would surround the arena which are currently parking lots. Boraie seems to have gotten site control on one of the best lots ( rt21, market, Edison and Mullberry) and has started pushing that as where they want to develop instead of Rector.


If you go north of the area, on Broad, things are getting real nice around the new Prudential building with Military park looking fantastic and the new Burg Restaurant opening in there. I have seen a few new restaurants poping up around the new Prudential building so I think the trend of all the things you want to see being on the North side of the area will continue.

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Triangle Park appears to have passed the remaining hurdle and is tentatively set for a summer 2018 opening




After nearly a decade of delays, the city has finally closed on a deal with Edison Properties and landowner Jose Lopez that will soon put shovels in the ground on the long-awaited Triangle Park.

The work is expected to be completed by mid-2018, and will include the construction of new mixed-use construction in what are now parking lots surrounding the Prudential Center, as well as a walking bridge similar to New York City's High Line that will connect Newark Penn Station with the Ironbound's Peter Francisco Park, according to Baraka.

"We finally got them to sign on the dotted line," he said.


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Nice article on the soon to be opening of "Redds Biergarten". I am crazy excited about this place. I love german beer and food. Ive never been to the other Redds by the meadowlands, but this sounds like it will be pretty good. I feel the 2 bars next to it are lacking to say the least. They have the best locations but nothing special. 

Havent been to the new Market St side places, but they seem more like restaurants than bar oriented. I like Bellos, i ususlly go there, and Hells Kitchen seems cool, but i rarely get over there. But i hope Redds really embraces the hockey crowd on game days. The communal tables will be awesome to start a conversation with other fans. And a liter and a bavarian pretzel and sausage with pre-game on the tv. Im ready! I hope they can open before the season is over. 


P. S. Any chance we can get "The Rock" forum as a stickie over on the "Hell" side? Or even just this thread? I feel like it would get more action over there. 

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Looking forward to Redd's Biergarten as well.  By the looks of it, they are about 2-4 weeks away from opening.  I think the original opening was supposed to be this past Fall, but more often than not restaurants usually open later than the date they set in advance.

I agree that the two other restaurants (EAH and Taste Venue) are a bit lacking.  Last time I went into EAH about a month ago I tried to order a personal pizza at 3PM.  Was told no pizzas as they didn't get the dough in yet.  Found that to be both odd and irritating.  The beer selection used to have a much more robust variety in terms of craft beer (I mean it is supposed to be a beer bar with Ale House in it's name) but it seems like they always have the same ones with maybe 2-3 taps that are changing.  Looks like they bowed down to the Coors drinkers which is a shame.

Taste Venue I have been meaning to try but IDK something about it just doesn't draw me.  Plus every time I have gone in there it is warm and stuffy (like no air flow) as hell in there.

On the other side Dino is overrated and haven't tried Marcato yet.  Gotta try that one.

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If the link doesnt work, you can read it at njbiz.com but it looks like they might actually start building the park. 

But can someone please explain to me how this bridge will work.


The project calls for commercial and residential units in addition to public, open spaces and a 1/2-mile-long footbridge spanning the Ironbound's Peter Francisco Park and the blocks west of McCarter Highway. 

I've seen this mentioned multiple times now. 1/2 mile is pretty long. What direction is it going? Into the Ironbound or along with the train tracks? Are they building something from scratch? I'm confused.

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I can imagine the 1/2 mile footbridge will be something like a much scaled down version of the NY High Line, but without the parks and beauty of it.  It would be utilitarian but have multiple access points along the way due to the length.

While it is encouraging to see Triangle Park finally having a start and end date, I will wait until the park is finished.  Even if they work on it, who knows what can come up to delay it and 2 years to build can turn into 5 or 10 really easily in this state and in that city.  Plus while those renderings look nice, who knows if the end result will look just as nice.  Remember how the renderings of the Rock, especially of the Lounges, looked great and then when we saw it in person it was kind of underwhelming?

I will wait and see on this.

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