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Jeff Friesen calls it a day...


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Jeff friesen has decided to hang up his skates:


What happened was the Avs signed Friesen to basically a minor-league tryout contract. Despite him scoring some points, the Avs came to the conclusion that the tryout didn't meet their expectations and told him they wouldn't sign him to the big club. Friesen is weighing his future, but a person in Avalanche management told me the former longtime San Jose Shark is likely to retire from the NHL.
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Agreed CD#9. Jeff Friesen's autograph is the only one that shall ever hang in my office wall. I don't even think what the Ducks did last year was as heartbreaking to this city as what Jeff did. Definitely a thing of beauty.

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I'll never forget his series clinching goal in game 7 of the 2003 ECF. After listening to the game on the radio for the first 2 periods, i made it home for the 3rd and I went totally crazy when he scored that goal. I don't think i was as excited or happy when we actually won the cup. That ECF was so tense, it could have gone either way, but i knew we would win the Cup after that goal.

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Kind of sad the way things ended for him but I always liked him as a player. The guy was clutch during the 03 run. The thing I remember most about him was that he just seemed to like being a Devil. He had awesome goal celebrations and as mentioned a few times already, that goal he scored against Ottawa was HUGE. I still have the back page of the NY Post framed on my wall with Friesen celebrating after that goal. Just a great moment in Devils history. I wish the guy nothing but the best.

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Yeah I can't say I'm any type of authority when it comes to the rest of his career, but the '03 playoffs wouldn't have been the same without him.


Thanks for helping the Devils get # 3!

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For his career, his was a bit of an underachiever and a headcase, and a bit sensitive. He had a lot of trouble performing for Anaheim after the Teemu Selanne trade because he put so much pressure on himself...that was pretty much why they traded him to the Devils. After following up his great '02-'03 season with a sub-par one, the Devils traded him to Washington, where he basically sulked and felt sorry for himself. Overall for his career more was expected of him than what he actually produced.

Having said that, the Devils don't win the '03 Cup without him or without Langenbrunner. Every now and then I'll see or hear some Devils fans with very short memories complain about having traded Sykora to get Friesen or having given up Arnott to bring in Langenbrunner (along with the other players in involved in both deals). I'm not going to say I was a huge Friesen fan, and I've been critical of him at times, but his overall performance during both the '02-'03 regular season and his 10 goals in the playoffs (highlighted by his Game 7 performances in both the Ottawa and Anaheim series) were crucial to that team's success, especially since they didn't get a whole lot of offensive contributions outside of Langs. So yeah, for the great memories he provided us all with in '02-'03, I wish him the best.

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His term with NJ could not have been short enough...

Just 3 short years ago most on this board told me what a moron I was for thrashing the Freeze man.., that the "New" NHL was going to be a playground for this Super Star in the waiting..

I responded that he was on the downside of a mediocre career... and falling quickly..

So lets think who was right and who was wrong? 10 goals in his last 123 games.. in the NEW NHL.. what was I thinking

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In response to red's excoriation, a Jeffremiad:

Cheers to you Jeff Friesen, for your ridiculous scrunched up face during post-goal celebrations that left us unsure whether you had just scored or passed a large BM, for your fine moustache during the 03 playoff run which convinced me we were going to win the Cup, for truly yours was the most ridiculous stache ever worn by a Devil, for though Johnny Mac's was elaborate, for though McKay's was a thing of porn legend, yours was pure in that it seemed like the rest of your beard just didn't grow, for whenever you scored that year I always screamed "Stache Power!". Cheers to you Jeff Friesen, I will forever be the keeper of thy stache.

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