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Richard Zednik cut bad in the throat - in stable condition now

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Here is the video...


He got cut on his throat with a skate and bleed so much in such a short time. There was blood all over the ice. It looked so bad. I really hope he is ok. :pray:

Oli fell and his skate came up and hit Zednik in the throat and sliced him. God damn I just saw the replay and it looked so awful.

They had the zambonis come out to clean the ice cause there was that much blood on the ice. The arena is dead silent.

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I've been watching the game all night and just came here to talk about this.

Never in my life have I ever seen that much blood on the ice, and he was off the ice pretty quickly after getting cut. The worry is that he may have severed his corrotid artery.

My thoughts and prayers are with Zednik, his family, and his teammates.

I've never felt this scared about a player injury before.

UPDATE:: It has been released that Zednik is in stable condition and is on his way to the hospital.

Wow. I wish nothing but the best. Get well soon, Rich.

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Ya I have never seen that much blood either before on the ice. They just announced in the arena that he was stable. Looks like the game will finish. The fans in Buffalo gave a standing ovation to the announcement. Great to see.

I'm pulling for the Panthers to come back and win this game now.

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as I recall, Clint Malarchuk played only a few weeks after his injury - hopefully Zednik recovers just as quickly.

Yes sir. I believe he reported to practice 4 days later with 300 or so stitches saying "I play for Keeps".


Clint's was an awful incident, and I've only been able to watch it once. It gets stuck in my head every time I strap my own skates on and go play.

Hopefully Zednik recovers just as easily as Clint did.

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