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Trade Deadline Day Procedures


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Since these are usually the wildest days of the year for our board, I'd like to remind everybody of how we usually do things... This is to make it organized, readable, fun and informative for everyone.

I will try and post the trades as fast as possible, but feel free to post if you have a CONFIRMED trade (and a confirmed trade means you will be post a link in the post. Posted trades without links may be deleted). Rumors must be indicated as such in the title. If you post a rumor to look like a trade, I may not have time to edit the post title so I may just have to delete the thread. The old, "I heard it on the radio" is great, but make sure you indicate that is where you got the info.

We are going to have only one thread per trade. I will merge or delete duplicate threads. Please check before you post.

All Devils trades will be pinned to the top as well as major trades on other teams.

If you post a trade, make sure you get the players and team correct in the title.



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Also just an addition, once the first rush of trades start hitting the forums, we will be going into budget mode. This means the non-hockey areas will be turned off.

The graphics will be reduced.

CPU eating features like who is viewing thread and such will be turned off.

This is to save our budget as we get nailed for server use fees every trade deadline. I anticipate this to be a big traffic day as traffic overall has doubled in the last two years to this site.

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