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Official NJDEVS Trade Deadline Discussion Thread

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Random post, old/delayed for how this day moves, but whatever.

Huet getting traded for a second, IMO, is a huge steal for the capitals. Huet is an outstanding number 1 goaltender that is getting some of the most ridiculous treatment I've EVER seen. Price is extremely overrated and I hope to watch this EXPLODEX1000 in the habs face.

That said Carey Price has a technical game and skill set far beyond his age and has the potential to be one of the best goalies ever. Though right now I don't think he's ready.

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idk what the tsn announcers are so confused about, send kessel down so they have a roster slot for the rest of the day, maybe the bruins were planning on bringing in some players for picks and needed room or didnt want to be hamstrung
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psh no it isn't. huet isn't an outstanding number 1, he's a bottom of the barrel #1 who's about to be UFA.

montreal could acquire another goalie by day's end, who knows. but huet isn't that good. capitals will be helped out, though.

this deadline is crazier than i thought it would be.

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