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I love how Francesca is making it as if the bullpen had no factor in the Mets not going to the playoffs.. Hes whining about how they blew a 2 game lead in the final homestand.. yet he ignores the fact the only reason the Mets were in such a tight situation was BECAUSE of the bullpen. Did anyone give him the memo about if the game ended after 8 innings (aka: IF WE HAD A FRIGGIN CLOSER LIKE KROD OR FUENTES) the Mets would've won the division by 5 or 6 games? EVEN with the bullpen being god-awful in the earlier innings.. Still would've won the division if we had a closer.

He also called Wright's year "bogus" .. :lol:

Tri called it perfectly...Fatso is taking the troll angle and trying to tweak Met fans more than anything else. I caught the first hour or so, and Fatso, who's so friggin' fat that he blew a knee out and loses his voice halfway through every show, is trying to ship Wright and Reyes off to pretty much everyone and anyone. I love how he's already written off Wright and Reyes even though both are in their mid-20s...although I'll admit that Reyes' back-to-back poor Septembers are a little disconcerting.

What's funny is Captain Pompous is berating callers on not having the facts...yet Fatso will continue to talk about how Wright had a bad September, when the stats clearly show that he didn't. Hey Fat fvck...feel free to start talking about the bullpen and how THAT failed more than any other aspect of the team. I hope David Wright pops this jackass right in his overly Moussed skull. fvcking prick!

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I had it on for a few minutes and a caller brought up how the Phillies traded Abreu and Mike was all over that as proof the Mets needed to trade Wright or Reyes...no it's more evidence they need to trade DELGADO. Abreu was a leader of the core then, trading him freed up the Utleys and Howards to take more of a leadership role. Adam Rubin brought up a similar point, that maybe trading Delgado (a leader in the clubhouse now) frees up Wright to take more of the leadership mantle - not entirely sure if that's the best thing but it's not a bad point of view.

As much as Mike wants to pooh-pooh Delgado's importance because of his age, the fact is he does have stature and moving him - especially off the year he had - DOES constitute a changing of the core.

fwiw I just read on another board that part of Francesa's anti-Wright diatribes stem from the fact that he criticized Wright earlier in the year for encouraging Delgado not to take a curtain call and Wright wouldn't come on the show to defend himself. Take that at face value, it's hardly the first time Francesa (and Russo) have ganged up on someone because they wouldn't play ball with them.

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In other baseball news the Phillies closer Brad Lidge who was 41/41 received the player comeback of the year in the NL. Indians starting pitcher Cliff Lee received the comeback player of the year for the AL. All the more the Mets need to go out and get a dominant closer and that would be K-Rod! K-Rod would love it in NY with a new ballpark and all the dominicans/hispanics on this Mets team. he would really communicate well with the players and make lots of friends too.


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