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The Rags have the advantage going into this game - they've beaten us all season long, they just destroyed Pittsburgh, and Patty is out. Let's see if the PZL line can tear it up tonight!

To anyone who is going to the game, give ALL the Ranger fans hell tonight!

Let's Go Devils.

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Winning has two great effects; it makes up happy and it makes Ranger fans unhappy. Almost like Christmas in March.



They're broadcasting it on TV, and we have a good record when I watch their games on tv. :)

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Oh man oh man!! LEaving for the game in 15... Devils jersey on, Devils hat on, and plenty of cash. Only water tonight... clear up my vocal cords to scream my lungs out onto the damn ice. IT'S TIME!



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No pressure, Devils...but if you lose tonight, then all that is evil will decimate the land.

(slight awkward pause)

GOOD LUCK! :boogie:

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This is a MUST WIN for the Devils tonight on all measures.

LETS GO DEVILS!!!! :evil:

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The Devils have to finally beat this friggen team. There is not one other team or fans of a team that I hate more than the Rags. It's getting annoying listening to all the Rags fans talk crap in school every time we lose to them. So a win tonight would be huge in so many ways. It would finally give us one against them, another solid win to keep us at the top of the standings, and bragging rights to all my Rag friends.

LETS GO DEVILS! :koolaid:

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Let's hope this is a good rivalry game. I want hits, fights, blood, and lots of scoring. Hopefully it's not like that 1-0 OT snoozefest (the worst game ever played) they had at the garden that shanahan won.

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