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GDT: 3/29 Worcester @ Lowell

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Not as "exciting" as last night, but still a bit of a nail-biter.

Vrana - another 3 point night (1G, 2A). Olli - 2 assists! Palmieri got his first goal!

Starting: Caruso, Fraser/Grand Pierre, Davis/Mills/Pandolfo

Scratches: Parise, Moran, Matvichuk, Clarke, Mondou, Rasmussen "banged up", Gionta

(Gionta suffered a laceration to his leg that needed alot of stitches. This happened during a "tussle in the corner.")


Davis/Mills/Pando, Palmieri/Vrana/Bergfors, Ryznar/Khomutov/Leblond

Tallackson, Murphy (Murphy/Vrana/Palmieri, Bergfors/Ryznar/Tallackson)

Fraser/GP, Olli/Magnan, Rugerri/Zimmerman




Murphy/Vrana/Palmier/?? ??





End of 1st: Lowell 1 Worcester 0

Shots: Lowell 7 Sharks 8


LOW Leblond (Fraser/Vrana) scored the goal. Fraser threw one to the front of the net. Leblond, in traffic up front, deflected it in.

- Rugerri delivered a hard, open ice hit on Eizenman. You actually hear it on the audio. Thunk!

End of 2nd: Lowell 2 Worcester 1

Shots: Lowell 8, Sharks 7


WOR Mink - from in front of the crease, up under the crossbar

LOW PP goal by Grand Pierre (Vrana/Olli) off the face off, at the top of the circle.

- RJ: "Leblond has had more scoring chances tonight than he's had all season."

Final: Lowell 4 Worcester 3

Shots: Lowell 13 Sharks 17 (total Lowell 28, Sharks 32)


LOW Vrana (Murphy/Olli) scored on his own rebound. According to RJ, he kicked the puck back on his stick.

WOR Jones scored on a delayed penalty.

LOW Palmieri (Rugerri/Ryznar) scored on the delayed penalty to Bergfors off a rebound.

WOR Cavanagh - one-timer. Sharks GT pulled for another skater at this point.

- Alot of pressure on Caruso for the last minutes of the game. Made some good saves.


1. LOW - 10 Petr Vrana

2. LOW - 2 Olli Malmivaara

3. LOW - 33 Nick Palmieri

PP: Lowell 2/6, Worcester 0/2


1 - LOW Grand-Pierre, 0:34 - Hooking , 2 min (PP)

1 - WOR Fox, 6:05 - Hooking , 2 min (PP)

1 - WOR Cavanagh, 17:27 - Holding , 2 min (PP)

2 - WOR Iggulden, 5:50 - Holding , 2 min (PP)

2 - WOR Fox, 8:18 - Hooking , 2 min (PP)

2 - LOW Magnan, 11:40 - Cross-checking , 2 min (PP)

3 - WOR Jones, 9:39 - Hooking , 2 min (PP)

3 - WOR Kaspar, 11:15 - Hooking , 2 min (PP)

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Nice to come home and see Vrana continue his production, hell, even Olli has put up some good numbers for a defensemen of his size this year. Awesome to see Palmieri get his first pro goal, hopefully there are many more in his future. It would be nice to see if this helps his confidence too the rest of this year so he can pot a couple of more.

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