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Sutter steps down, Lou Lamoriello steps behind the bench again


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Ya got me. :lol:

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Yup, and Gomez and Nieds and Ralfie are going to return to play for the Devils next season :whistling:


OH!! And Stevens and Dano are both coming out of retirement to play for and coach the Devils :rolleyes:

And let's not forget Jacque Lemaire as GM of the Devils :boogie:

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When I first saw this I wasn't suprised as it has happened before with Lou and the Devils then I knew it was April Fool's Day so opened it and saw it was April Fool's Day. :evil:

What really could have got everyone if it was Devils fire John Maclean.

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I think having Sutter steps down in the title makes it more believable (though for once I didn't fall for it) since that's the only way he'd leave this year, Lou's not firing him considering he talks of him like a surrogate son.

Marty injured and out for the season would have given everyone even more heart attacks :lol:

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