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We met again Game Day Thread: Rangers VS Devils 7:00 PM EST

Devil Fan

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Kudos to the Devils fans at the game tonight! They have been loud and have been on top of any of the bullsh*t chants the Rangers fans try to start.

Very good game so far but some of the calls in this game have been just brutal, and that even includes the last penalty on Gomez. Let the boys play. This isn't figure skating.

Hopefully these last 2 periods will open up the eyes of some of the people who feel the Devils have no chance this series. We'll need some breaks for sure but they can do it. My only concern is if the Devils can keep up the furious pace for the length of the series.

Let's get it done this 3rd period. Let's go Devils!!!

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The Devils need to bury their chances... Elias got robbed, but still he needs to bury that. Lift the puck, or crash net, but score.

3 goal posts, we need a break.

Good period - this is really exciting hockey.

Seriously. We never really get that lucky goal anymore. That could be a big regret come the end of this game.

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Brodeur just is not smart with his rebounds (hes a lazy goalie when it comes to covering up loose pucks).. WHY the fvck would u just stare at it? Hes been doing that all year and hes been lucky nobody has gotten to it.. but now it bites him in the ass! Once again Marty you screw us.. Losing game 1 sucks..

Time for baseball.. hey at least the Mets are winning 7-1..

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Why the hell did I have to be right? I said next goal wins and it could be on this PP, and it was. FOR THE fvckING RANGERS. I can't watch anymore. I'm having flashbacks of the 2003 Finals Game 3 when I was at the game where Marty dropped his stick and scored on himself.

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