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GDT - Devils at NY Rangers 7 PM; Game 3


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Easy everyone, I'm excited as hell but we still have more time in the period and the dreaded third.


The cynic in me does say they have us right where they want us now (leading going into the third), but with the way the team played in the last ten minutes, I won't be too worried if they play that way the third period. They finally showed some balls.

Sucks that the refs decided to give Elias a penalty on that scrum STARTED by a Ranger cheap shot though :angry:

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I'm still pissed about Avery's tactics...That's gotta be a penalty..i mean for nothing else than 2 for being a fvcking douchbag.

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Seriously if we lose this game we deserve to be swept. Momentum switched after the tying goal the Rags backed off some and gave us room I saw confidence in the devils for the first time in lord knows how long. WE HAVE TO WIN THIS GAME.

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I really can't believe how biased the announcers are for VS. They absolutely hate the Devils... Nothing the Rangers do is a penalty, and they sound completely dejected that their team is down 3-2.

Seriously, they are terrible. They can't even get excited about Elias's goal, or what a douchebag Henry finally looked like on Parise's goal. I guess the outside of NJ, no one would care, but that is really sh!tty.

The main announcer actually slipped once mid-way through the period and said "King Henry" when he was talking about him heading the puck in the corner. What a dumbass. Besides being biased, these guys just plain suck. Their calls are not reflective of how exciting this game is.

On a side note, We could have had 1 more if Clarkson could hit the net. That beat Henry clean...

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It's sweet fvcking justice that both Devils goals were scored on the PP :clap: . Clarkson gets high sticked and draws blood but it's only a 2 minute penalty? Right....... Vish gets a bullsh*t penalty for a clean hit which led to us going down by 2 men. Complete disgrace.

MAAAAARTTTTYYYYYY!!!!!! Bunch of stupid a$$holes. We know Avery likes to play both sides of the field but did he really need to gaze into Marty's eyes during that 5 on 3?

Hopefully we can kill the penalty to start the third, which btw is another joke call.

Let's do this!!!

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