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GDT - Devils at NY Rangers 7 PM; Game 3


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The sad thing is that those pathetic Rag fans think Henrik's actually better than Brodeur.

Stupid sh*t heads

He has been this year. He's given up exactly one weak goal all season (the Rupp goal) to the Devils while Marty's given up a bushelful against the Rangers.

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At least you can watch the game! Philly Comcast decided to black out the game on Versus.. so I have bullriding...

I would call them and complain. That is BS. You aren't in the NY metro area. I guess Comcast will do anything to make sure their subscribers are forced to be Failure fans.

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My fault. That link was for the Flames game later. Here's the Devils one. - Link

If that doesn't work try to copy and paste http://tinyurl.com/2sdotb into Media player as a stream.

or here's the link where I got it from.


Thank you soooooooooooo much! :clap: this is way better than a refreshing scoreboard!

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Rangers win the period, Devils weather the storm

Still, they have to skate and hit better in the 2nd.

Drury went into Parise. Parise didn't cross check him, just picked his stick up in self defense and Drury ran into him. No similarities to the Backman hit.

Refs are going to call that more often than not. Especially if the guy loses his helmet

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The Rangers are possessing the puck entirely too much for my liking. We have to start winning more loose puck battles and get better in the face-off circle. The goal they scored was weak. I'm sure Marty wants that one back.

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