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Is Andy Greene Playing Tonight?

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I believe it's the same lineup...Gulitti hasn't said anything but that usually means the status quo...he mentioned the Rangers lineup not changing, so he probably didn't mention anything because there were no changes...but that's definitely not confirmed.

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I hope so too. How about this priceless GEM from the 88-89 season. A coloring book given out at a home game to promote awareness for Drunk Driving. Thats Johnny Mac on the cover with Shanny and some drunk driving awareness mascot "Sober Sam". Priceless....


I saw that coloring book up for sale on EBAY a few days ago....

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Is it just me, or does Sober Sam look wasted?

Also, why would you make a colouring book with a fursuited kids mascot for drunk driving? How many 9 year olds were driving home from Devils games tanked to the gills?

No, your right. Sober Sam looks right lubricated. :noclue:

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