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OOT Scoreboard 4-21 (SC Playoffs - Round 1 - Game 6 & 7.)

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AO scores again on the PP and it is 4-2 Capitals over the Flyers in the 3rd period. :dance: The 3rd period has been the AO show in Philadelphia. The fans are alful quiet and they can feel this series slipping away. Game 7 tomorrow night and the choke will be complete.

All these teams pushing a game seven. Go Caps Go!

Why couldn't the Devs do that? :saddevil:

I really believed the Devils were going to do that Liz. just wasn't meant to be I guess. :saddevil:

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they didn't play Phily :P

Or Boston or Ottawa. :P

Game over Montreal scores and it is 4-0 over Boston. Boston had a nice rally but fell short. Congrats to Montreal. :saddevil:

Montreal now 27-0 when up 3-1 in a series. Boston now 0-24 when trailing 3-1 in a series.

Montreal wins 5-0 over Boston in Game 7 and wins the series 4-3. Price gets the 5-0 SO over Boston.


MTL 5 Montreal wins series 4-3.


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Capitals win Game 6- 4-2 over the Flyers to face a Game 7 in Washington! :dance:

Flyers blowing another 3-1 series lead. It is choke time for the Flyers.

Lets Go Capitals!!! :evil:

WSH 4 Series Tied 3-3.



Game 7 in Washington tomorrow night.

Both games are final from tonight.

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Amazing that we know none of the second-round matchups yet and there are only two games left in the first round :blink:

If Washington wins tomorrow, it's Rangers-Montreal and Washington-Pittsburgh

If the Flyers win tomorrow, it's Flyers-Montreal and Rangers-Pittsburgh

If the Sharks win tomorrow, it's Colorado-Detroit and Dallas-San Jose

If the Flames win tomorrow, it's Calgary-Detroit and Colorado-Dallas

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What a comeback by Washington. I was sure they were done after going down 2-0, but I forget that Washington has a pretty explosive offense.

Another one here.

Games are never over in the SECOND period. The Capitals have AO and i said they would come back and it would be all AO in the 3rd period.

Now Game 7 belongs to AO and the Capitals at home!!!

The Capitals/Penguins series is going to be Bettman's dream matchup here. Crosby vs. AO.

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I just got home from the Flyers game and boy oh boy that was a great game.

The place was a fvcking morgue after the game and with 5mins to go in the game a ton of people were heading for the exits. I talked to a good amount of Flyers fans tonight and no one thinks they can win tomorrow.

Funny thing is if the Flyers don't stop forechecking they win this game easily. They sat back and got burned for it. If the Flyers forecheck for a full 60 minutes tomorrow than they will win the game. They really missed Mike Knuble tonight.

So since I have nothing to do tomorrow I will be heading down to D.C. for the game. There are tickets still available and I just bought some.

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