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Keep or Kick Poll (management & coaching edition)

Keep or Let Go  

60 members have voted

  1. 1. Who stays and who goes?

    • Jeff Vanderbeek(Chairman and Managing Partner)-Stay
    • Jeff Vanderbeek-Go
    • Lou Lamoriello(CEO/President/ General Manager)-Stay
    • Lou Lamoriello-Go
    • David Conte(Executive Vice President, Hockey Operations/Director, Scouting)-Stay
    • David Conte-Go
    • Brent Sutter(Head Coach)-Stay
    • Brent Sutter-Go
    • Larry Robinson(Assistant Coach)-Stay
    • Larry Robinson-Go
    • John MacLean(Assistant Coach)-Stay
    • John MacLean-Go
    • Tommy Albelin(Assistant Coach)-Stay
    • Tommy Albelin-Go
    • Jacques Caron(Goaltending Coach)-Stay
    • Jacques Caron-Go
    • Chris Lamoriello-(Sr. Vice President, Hockey Operations/G.M., Lowell/Trenton & Scout)-Stay
    • Chris Lamoriello-Go

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Who would ever want Vanderbeek to go? He's been great

Yea, let's send Vanderbeek and Lou packing, that makes a ton of sense.

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I think McLean should go. He hasn`t shown me anything that an assistant coach should bring to a team. He cost us a couple penalties for getting too emotional and he brings no creativity or offensive coaching skills to the team. Peter Deboer all the way.

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i would've thought mac was gone too, but based on sutter's comments they could all stay. lou said that no matter what, everyone has a place in the organization and brent said he was very happy with his coaches.

I would think Sutter would say he is happy with his coaches no matter if he was or not. What is the head coach situation like down in Lowell? Maybe you move Mac to HC down there to try and help his coaching career if Sutter is unhappy with him as the AC with the Devils.

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This is a good poll idea:

Unless some of the results here are just joking...

You can really see how ridiculously spoiled SOME Devils fans are.

- Jeff gives them a brand-new, state-of-the-art building and it is still not good enough?

- Clearly, get rid of Jacques Caron, cause at this point Marty could probably use some more input...???????????

- Oh, and Larry's inability to turn a rag-tag bunch of AHL'r's into the Anaheim D contingent in one season clearly shows that we are on the wrong track.

- The only 2 people here that I think could merit a good argument for doubt are Johnny Mac and maybe Lou.

It will be fun to see what remains of this often-fickle fanbase once Marty departs....

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I think everyone but Mac should stay. Sutter took a team that had very little business being in the playoffs and took them to the top of the conference for a few weeks. What Larry has been able to do with the rag tag bunch of defensemen we had this year is really amazing. On the other hand, Johnny Mac has done relatively little with a pretty talented bunch of guys.

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