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Before there were the Devils...


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I saw the light in 1991 as a junior in college. Friends of mine were hockey fans and I went to my first game that year, a Whaler game in Hartford (I think it was before Ron Francis was traded). So I followed them for a couple of years.

When I moved back to NJ after I graduated (1993), I started rooting for NJ.

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I think I was a Canucks fan before birth.....

BUt yeah I've been known to rock an oldschool Yzerman jersey that I got for Christmas when I was like 13..:)

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Don't berate me... I was a Broad Street Bullies fan.

Hey, I was young, what did I know? I just liked the violence.

Same here sometimes kids are just stupid and do not know any better.

But I always hated the Rangers so I must of know a little back in the day

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I had no concept of which NHL teams were who before the Devils came to town. I rarely watched any hockey 'cept for the olympics and playing on the canal.

So it would be Team USA, and yeah, I would wear one of their jerseys still today. :thumbsup:

Neal Broten #9 ;) (not G#9 :wub: )


This is exactly right for me too--didn't know what hockey was until the '80 Olympics when I became a fan of the sport and then the Devils came to town so Red and Black ever since.

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Buffalo Sabres, the French connection, King Kong Korab and the best defensemen of his era: Jim Schoenfeld.

JERRY! JERRY!! :hail:

We would love to have you back on board...on 2nd thought...its better for your well being to say a Devil :evil:

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