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Hainsey to Atlanta

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Ron is going to look awful on an abysmal Atlant squad. No way he is worth that cash.

I wanted Hainsey too. :rolleyes:

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Ha-Ha. What is Atlanta doing? I guess this is the next logical stop, Hainsey couldn't make it in Montreal when they sucked or Columbus.

I don't get. I must be missing something. I watched a fair bit of Hainsey last season and I wasn't overly impressed.

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Atlanta is seriously in danger of not making the floor. This will not be the end. The different cap pages vary, but the one linked to Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) has them at $31.5 million with Hainsey, 18 players. They have to spend roughly $10 million on 5 players (one of them being Kari Lethonen as an RFA), just to make the floor. Considering UFA's are not biting on ATL's money, and you can't fill the void with entry levels (since their salaries are way too low), they have a serious challenge and their GM is an idiot, to boot.

DAMMIT! :rant: I was hoping Lou would have signed Hainsey. :evilcry: Atlanta got a good defenseman. Sh!t!

Looks like either Smith or Orpik now.

We're not signing a UFA defenseman. It's pretty obvious. They'll be trading for a defenseman.

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