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search a song!

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I can't go to youtube right now because I'm at work. Could you give me a description you "dum" and "dee" and other noise words to describe the sound? Thanks.

it's difficult to describe. you must see the video.

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I try my best...

Im not as impressive as I used to be... but living with my mother and father was like a name that tune episode....

they would be like "I heard this song today.. it was a guy and it was sorta fast and there were abckground singers" Id ask what station... or sounds like... and they would give me like 3 words of the song and I would usually be able to name that tune....as music is my favorite thing... along with raindrops on roses and all that good stuff...

My friend is the same way now.. anytime she wants to know a song.. at a concert.. or a bar... she will turn to me during the opening instrumental and I usually have it before the singing starts...

But I have been slipping lately... getting old.. dont know all that new stuff kids these days are listening too :)

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Thats what I just said.. I dont really pay attention to the new stuff as Im always lsitening to cds or the XM which usually has me flipping to something i know. I dont really do the radio anymore and just sit on the one or two good stations.

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Heyyyy I can hold my own when it comes to that...check the "Music At The Rock" thread for proof! :lol:

I can only comment on the few times someone asked on the board what a certain song was by typing do da bop beep .. and she came thru -- no disrespect to your vast knowledge of music. :unsure:

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