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Devils hope for good things from youngsters

Adam Kimelman | NHL.com Staff Writer Jul 28, 2008, 9:00 AM EDT


Petr Vrana can play center or the wing, and could fill the skates of the departed Sergei Brylin in New Jersey. Petr Vrana highlight video When David Conte, the executive vice president of hockey operations and director of scouting for the New Jersey Devils, views the club's development pipeline, he likes what he sees.

"I like the prospect size and strength of our wings and the size and strength of our defense," Conte said. "We have some guys with mobility in the long view."

The team also addressed a hole at center by drafting four in June.

"Essentially we had a real void at center and I'm not uncomfortable with what we were able to do at the draft with two or three guys that are complete players," Conte said.

Here's a look at some of the players who could challenge for NHL jobs.


Petr Vrana -- In his third season with the organization, the 2003 second-round selection (No. 42) broke out with 20 goals and a team-best 61 points for Lowell.....

Read the rest at the website!

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Vasyunov was born in Yaroslavl, so he has made little effort to come to North America before now.

"He plays for a team in the town he grew up and that means a lot," Conte said. "His logic isn't misplaced, but the practicality of it is it's the choice he's making. We want to respect that (but) the door is open, please come. He can make himself a nice career and do it sooner rather than later, but he has to feel that way."

If he wants to play in the NHL he really should come over. His growth probably isn't helped by playing 4th line minutes and getting scratched in a mens league.

"I think he needs to get stronger, grow into his body," Conte said. "Nice shot, nice release, (he's) got some enthusiasm. I expect him to not have a good year, but to have a great year."

Interestingly strong comment. I mean all his comments are positive but why go over the top for such a late round pick?

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Interestingly strong comment. I mean all his comments are positive but why go over the top for such a late round pick?

because perkovich is going to be 23 playing in college against 20 and 21 year olds. if he isn't great, his NHL career is finished before it starts.

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I'd like to see these three people make the club next season:




I understand it is going to be extremely difficult for them to make the club but nothing is impossible.

Why those 3? I honestly don't care which rookies make the club or not. I would love for all the rookies to play well enough to make the team though and then let the best ones be the players to make it.

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I am extremely excited about what Patrice Cormier will be doing for the Devils a couple years down the road. I think he's going to be a great weapon, and will add scoring, faceoff wins.

and to think, we got him just by trading down four positions in the draft. Lou is an absolute genius.

Getting Tedenby is a much better all-around improvement than getting Carl Johnson in my opinion.

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