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2008 Summer Olympics

Satans Hockey

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To be fair to Spitz, there were only 7 events during his time instead of the 8 that Phelps has now, and Spitz retired at 22 or 23 because back then being a swimmer wasn't a profession that you could support yourself in whereas now Phelps is making $5 million a year and is getting another million for breaking Spitz's record.

And let's not forget Spitz's moustache! That thing could NOT have been aerodynamic, or aquadynamic, or whatever the hell you would call it.

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How does the Chinese girl get the same score on balance been of the US girl when she obviously screwed up more?

The commentator kept asking that too. This is why anything involving judges tends to rub people the wrong way. It's impossible to always get right.

Thankfully it ended up not mattering in the end. Gold and silver to the U.S., baby! Their two floor exercises looked about as perfect to my untrained eye as possible. Congrats to Liukin and Johnson!

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Man I normally don't give a crap about gymnastics and I still didn't so far in the Olympics this year, but I gotta say last night I was hooked. Awesome that we got gold and silver despite the bad scores.

Me too, but both the men's and women's gymnastics have been really good to watch. I still can't believe the stuff these guys can do on the still rings. My shoulders would explode if I even thought of trying that.

Gives me a whole new respect for Vince Vaughn.

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You still might get Universal HD, I think it's basically a NBC programmed channel that they put content on from time to time.

Thanks, I'll check it out. Another part of the problem for me is that I'm working traditional 9-5 work hours. So I am unable to watch the off-hour stuff like whatever's shown after midnight or during the day.

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Maybe it's just me but I can't get excited over Phelps or swimming. I just don't care about him or it. At least he keeps racking up the medals for the US though.

There were some fantastic soccer games today though. I loved seeing Italy being upset by Belgium.

The Mens semi-finals are set...

Brazil vs Argentina - This game should be fantastic since these 2 countries hate each other

Nigeria vs Belgium

The USA women picked up a nice 2-1 win over Canada as well and they advanced.

The womens semi-finals are...

USA vs Japan - we beat them 1-0 in the group stage

Brazil vs Germany

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