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GDT Numero UNO: New Jersey @ Philadelphia

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Look, I know its early. I know it's preseason. But quite frankly darling, I don't give a damn.


Hockey's back bitches! If anyone has any info on where to stream this game if possible, please post.

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Stop making fun of me!!! Puh-leeeeze mista?




Only because I must go to bed, because my life for the new two days will be an epic fail of it's own right, what with the insane amount of work and school to pack in to such a small time period.

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Yeah yeah yeah, I can't type. Me brain works faster than me fingers.

Heyyyy, waitaminute...less making fun of me, this is a thread of YOUR failings! :boogie:

Don't you have a pillow to hit? Go on, get. Shoo!

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