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The Official Devils GAME WORN Jersey Thread


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  • 4 weeks later...

Yeah the prices are crazy for shirts that were worn in just a single warmup.  More money to charity so at least that's the good part.


I kind of went on an Andy Greene jersey spending frenzy the last 2-3 weeks.  I got 2 regular season shirts, a development camp shirt and one more special shirt of his on the way:)

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That's what I'm happy for. I hope all of those warm ups go for big money for charity.

That's a pretty awesome 2-3 weeks for you haha. Are you one of the lucky ones to pre order his first Captins jerseys?

I actually sold my Greene jersey in hopes to use it to get one of his from last year with an A. However a different jersey came was offered to me and my money is going towards that one at the moment. It's gonna be great to get that in!

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I actually wasn't, but that doesn't bother me.  I will get a captains jersey eventually.  I know who got his first red one but don't know who got the white one. Regardless he will wear at least 4 more this year and 6 more next year.  Won't be in short supply lol.


With the new one coming to me I will have 7 total Andy Greene's.  He is my 3rd favorite Devils of all time and probably the one I will have a focus on in my collecting.  My top 2 are Elias (his jerseys are now becoming/are expensive) and Peluso (jerseys are hard to find and they are expensive), so Greene is at a nice price and availability is good.


Here is my current Greene collection:


07-08 White Set 1 (Edge 1.0) - Photomatched to 2 hockey cards

08-09 White Set 1

13-14 White Set 2 - Photomatched

13-14 Retro Night

14-15 Red Set 3 - Photomatched to Getty and to a pic I took at the 3/29/15 game where I sat 2 rows behind the bench

07-08 Development Camp - trying to match this but pretty certain he wore this as there is no nameplate

06-07 AHL All Star Game - Team Planet USA - Worn in 2nd period **This is the one I am waiting to receive.

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Thanks and got 4 Greene jerseys off the top of my head that I would like to add to the collection, but that would be down the road.  One is a captain's jersey which I can get later on.  The others are a Lowell Devils Greene, a 2012 SCF Greene and the other is a SS Greene.


For SS Greene, he has the 3rd period one.  The warmup is with the NHLPA and the first period one got cut up and put into hockey cards (I actually got one and it sucks to see it like that:(.   However, I do know who has the 2nd period one lol.


Have no idea who has one of his SCF jerseys and who has one of his Lowell Devils jerseys.

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Those all would be great additions to an already sweet collection.

I see Meigray put up a bunch of retro equipment from the past 2 years. I can't get over $400 for the retro gloves. That's pretty crazy.

I'm in the process of picking up a 2012 SCF jersey but it's not Greene haha. Sorry!

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I'm getting a Salvador SCF jersey. It's the only one I have so far. It's gonna be a great piece to my collection. I'm excited for it.

I'm not big into equipment either but it would be cool to have some retro equipment on my bookcase with a couple other things I got.

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Happy for the charity for sure but very surprised that a warmup jersey went so high. I'm sure Marty night gamers will be nuts. Funny that people can get a gamer from Meigray with wear and worn over a period for less than what the practice jersey went for. But what ever floats everyone's boat.

I was in on a stick then I felt the price got stupid so I stepped away from it. I will wait for when Meigray gets equipemnt and will get for less than half what this stick went for.

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Also did a quick summary of the final bids for the HFC jerseys and below is the list.  Total amount raised is $18,311.00.


Also to note, I got my 2015 retro night Gelinas and my Stadium Series Josefson for less than what they sold for here.




Adam Henrique  $    2,175.00

Eric Gelinas  $       976.00

Patrik Elias  $       925.00

Jordin Tootoo  $       925.00

Cory Schneider  $       900.00

Stephen Gionta  $       875.00

Andy Greene  $       875.00

Mike Cammalleri  $       785.00

Adam Larsson  $       775.00

Mascot  $       775.00

Travis Zajac  $       750.00

John Moore  $       700.00

Bobby Farnham  $       675.00

Lee Stempniak  $       625.00

Jacob Josefson  $       600.00

Jon Merrill  $       600.00

Damon Severson  $       600.00

Kyle Palmieri  $       575.00

David Schlemko  $       575.00

Brian O'Neill  $       550.00

Keith Kinkaid  $       550.00

Sergey Kalinin  $       525.00

Jiri Tlusty  $       525.00

Tuomo Ruutu  $       475.00

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The Mascot! Damn. I never would have guessed he would have been more than a regular game. My Henrique rookie scf is the price of the purple warmup.

Great dollar total for charity! Affects so many people so the more they can do to raise for a cause like this the better. Love it!

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This fanbase when it comes to memorabilia and collectibles are fickle on a good day, but largely dumb as a doorknob on most days. Spending more money on a Henrique warmup jersey when with that same money on a Zajac SCF game worn and still have a few hundred left over defies logic. That's why I said collectors didn't bid on those as they know the real value of these and thus largely did not bid on them.

I've sold various teams items through various means whether it be Facebook or eBay or any other means, and the Devils fans are the worst. No other fanbase are as fickle, dumb about value and just plain cheap as Devils fans.

End rant.

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Or maybe people were more willing to drop $1,000+ when they knew the money was being donated to Hockey Fights Cancer.....

While I understand there is always the inflation of prices on these charity auctions due to the cause, I largely do not buy that.

The same fans that piss and moan and cry poverty over $250 game worns and $120 replicas are suddenly inspired and wealthy enough to drop $1000+ on a practice jersey worn in a single warmup. Hell there is a collector who posts here on this thread who offered to sell his game worn Henrique that is photo matched and worn in a dozen games for less than $700 to a person who was willing to drop $1500+ on that warmup worn Henrique jersey. She declined and her reason was literally "well this one is purple." That's where both the dumb and fickle part comes in.

People who bought these jerseys are not collectors. Plus the other factor was that the devils were finally advertising this auction when I'm the past for retro night and other auctions they never mentioned them.

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