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High-Wire act in front Rock today


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There is going to be a Guinness World Record live on NBCs Today Show at 7:30 in front of The Rock.

Didn't see this before on here.

I was watching it this morning while I got ready for work. It was pretty cool seeing the Rock on the Today Show and also those Devils banners on the lampposts in the background.

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You know, traditionally at the CAA, the ice was always crappy for the rest of the year after the circus came to town.

So how does that work now? It's early, will the ice suck all year? Will it have anything to do with the circus since the ice seems to suck already? Will it enter some kind of super-suck state? Or is it like a double-negative, and will there for be amazing ice for the rest of the year?

My mind, she is currently boggling.

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