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Older new guy?


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:whistling: I'll probably start hanging out a bit but just in the offtopic forums. I think I stopped posting 3 years ago?. Maybe two but it was a long time ago. For the last 11 months I've been in college classes are working out except math (which I kind of suck at). Edited by sandman441
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Welcome back. I think a lot of us thought you left when Gomez did. :P

Nah I just kinda didn't like some of the stuff that was being said. I don't think it was too bad here but on hfboards it was kinda bad. I just kinda said screw it and went into exile for a bit. I do watch the rangers but honestly don't care either way. If they do win the stanley cup I'd be happy for scott and brandon though.

Edited by sandman441
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