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Salmela Called up..


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I'm not too worried. The offense has been clicking as of late, Weekes in Goal. Sure our D might take a hit with Martin out for a bit, but I think we can survive this.

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Defenseman Paul Martin won't play in tonight's game against Buffalo because of what Devils coach Brent Sutter called "upper body soreness."

Rookie Anssi Salmela, who was called up from Lowell today, will play in Martin's place.

so nothing crazy


Is that what they call stinking it up of late? Upper body soreness? hmm...

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Crap. No. 1 goalie, No. 1 center and No. 1 defenseman all went down. At least, we still have our No.1 scorer.

shhhhhh don't say that!

and yeah... i love the phrase "Upper body soreness" it sounds like something a hooker would have after a long night...

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Brittle is Martin Havlat, Marian Gaborik or now Rick DiPietro. Missing two games in '05-06, nine games last year and one so far this year doesn't make you brittle especially with his size and the minutes he does play. Paul Martin's played 70+ games in every season.

If Weekes gets hurt they'll probably call CRASHER out of the stands, or the guy who wears all the goalie gear at games.

Listen, I played against Scotty in street hockey. If they have to call him up, we are doomed

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I like Salmela... Just think he needs a chance...

I would also Have liked to see Eckford called up, he seems to have alot of upside aswell.

Salmela is a true rushing defenseman. I've seen him get caught deep in the attack zone, and I've seen him have trouble guarding the point. He's still learning. I :pray: he's paired with a smart stay-at-home guy.

This team is like 4 injuries away from Sutter going into the crowd and picking people to dress for the 2nd period.

Well, if you want to play your first pro hockey game in a Devils uniform, you really should go down to Trenton for next Friday's game. They're so badly banged up they just might give out PTOs to the first 10 people who walk in the door. :o

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