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2009 World Series Champion Yankees Thread


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The game was awesome, the crowd was subdued almost like they expected the Philles to come back. Was surprised when they won no fireworks or anything - maybe they can't but I was amazed about that. The prime rib sandwich from Lobel's (sp?) was great although not worth the 30 minute wait!

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Went to the parade today, it fvckin rocked. No: i didn't get to see much: if anything. Yes, I was pushed and squeezed so much I felt like I was a hooker. And no, cigarette smoke doesn't smell good for 4 hours in a row. But damnit, I got rained on by ticker-tape and the sorts, I chanted "BOSTON/PHILLY/GRANDMA (long story) SUCKS" for 30 minutes straight, along with various chants of "Lets go Yankees", "Phuck the Phillies", "twenty-seven", "See you next year", "Get down grandma" (agiain, long story), and "we smoke phillies". I enjoyed every second of it, and I'm glad to say I was a part of the festivities. I feel accomplished, in a sense.

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haha me and my friend got to ny penn by msg and had no idea where to go other than broadway but we didnt know which way to go to get there. for 20 minutes we were following around yankees fans seeing if they knew where they were going. out of sheer luck, we turned on to 6th ave (ave of the americans?) at about 29 street, then kept walking down about 30 blocks until we got close to a turn for the brooklyn bridge then went left then up again partly because we were just following the crowd. it was such a great adventure. we didnt even care that much that it wasnt our team, getting there was the accomplishment. not that we could see anything either, we ended up seeing a little bit in the far distance and watching the big tv. part of it was because we, being mets fans, understand that with our luck we;ll never see a mets one.

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CC - contact is for 7-years @ $160M. OUCH!

What a joke. Neither pitcher is worth that much money. They will both probably flounder in NY with all the media pressure and being forced to win and try to make the playoffs.

i'd examine getting rid of matsui

:doh1: times 161,000,000

Sabathia is a fvcking pig and needs to go on a diet yesterday. I am embarrassed to see his fat ass on the mound.

Things can't get anyworse for the yankees.

This bullpen is going to be the death of me this summer.

They are all trash.

They can't get anyone out.

cant stand this team, so godamn inconsistent.

Tex will come around.

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