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So I figured I needed myself another forum to procrastinate on and for some reason I never thought there would be many big hockey ones, well apparently I was very mistaken. This place looks pretty awesome so I had to register.

Anyways my names Andrew, I'm 18 and have been a Devs fan since probably around 4th or 5th grade yet only really started following it game to game for the last couple years. I live in Clinton New Jersey (fun fact, if you remember the "I Love this Town" video from the beginning of this year the guy with the Steven's jersey in front of that red Mill in the background is Clinton), but I'm going to college at Montclair State so I'm there most of my time. I also spend a lot of time at NJIT before/after games so if there's anyone else here that goes there we should pre game sometime =).

So just wanted to introduce myself, hope everyones doing well, and Go Devils!

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Drink it. :koolaid:


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