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Looking For Experienced Mid-Season Replacement in Yahoo Head-2-Head FH

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Hey Everyone,

I run a serious, active Yahoo FH league, and unfortunately, we had to remove one of the GMs due to his inactivity. We fortunately mandate that PWs are given to the commish (mostly dummy accounts), so I have the login and password for anyone who might like to take over for the rest of the season.

What can I tell you about the league:

-Head to head

-12 teams

-Massive roster (23 bodies to mimic NHL, +1 utility slot for a rookie player)

-Overactive message board (presently, 1,748 posts this year)

-Features mostly returning GMs year to year, so many of us know each other

-You will receive MANY trade offers

-At minimum, you absolutely must set lines, tend to IR players, and respond to trades in a timely fashion

-At maximum, many of us are obsessed and are on the site at work, at home, concocting trades, talking smack on the board, etc, and that is definitely not frowned upon **Be forewarned, we are not a PC league, vulgarity and slurs of all kinds are tolerated (I filter nothing), and we seek those with thick skin who won't take real offense

-Looking for someone who has previous Yahoo FH experience and knows the ropes, someone who can realistically dedicate some time to this and not randomly flake out, and someone who knows their players (so I don't have to make difficult veto decisions on trades)

If you're looking for a serious, competitive league, please let me know, either by private message, or you can (even better) email me at bekimperolli@yahoo.com and we can go from there. And for Christ sake, I'm the only Devil's fan in the league!! Help me out.

Here is the present roster you'd be taking over:

C Malkin

C Stoll

C Backstrom

C Umberger

C Reinprecht

LW Vanek

LW Malone

LW Kunitz

LW Lucic

LW Blake

RW Holmstrom

RW Antropov

RW Guerin

RW Recchi

D Souray

D Redden

D Kronwall

D Keith

D Gilbet

D Carle

IR Gaborik

IR Bergeron

G Miller

G Theodore

G Rinne



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