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Okay... which one of these are you?


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:giggle: It's sammy!


It's SC!


Haha! Remember TrentonDevil? (this may not be his name -- it was a looong time ago! He's on the permaban list -- I ought to go see if this was his name in case I insult a minor leaguer fan!

He was: http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm/godzilla.htm

disguised as: http://redwing.hutman.net/~mreed/warriorshtm/acne.htm

:blush: uhoh....


AWE! I like this one... I always try to turn them into Eagle Scouts though...


eh hem... Rowdy? :rofl:


he even looks like Stubbs used to!


Is this devilish?


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Actually, I'll wear the weenie label proudly:

-a very sensitive guy, and it angers and saddens him that everyone isn't just as sensitive

-an admitted male feminist

-is ever vigilant against anti-progressive attitudes

But the petulance part doesn't quite fit I don't think.

And I'll take ideologue.

As Consolidated said, "these characteristics may and often do overlap, thereby adding a deceptively complex dimension to the typical analysis". If you got that reference, you too may be a weenie ideologue. :)

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