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In ghastly effort, Bruins bedeviled

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Winning is always exciting, no matter how boring the journey there is, haha.

Not all fans always feel that way. There is a serious discussion going on among Ranger fans about the direction the team has taken. They are actually using the dreaded 'T' word and acknowledging that yes, their team does use the trap and that, in fact, their coach has turned them into a clone of some of the NJ teams with the least offensive power (not this year or the ones around 1999-2001 - those aren't the examples they are choosing). Many are complaining that, even when the teams does win, it is putting them to sleep. However, probably an equal number are saying that as long as you win, it's interesting. So there is a split.

Regarding the Bruins and the article, the game was interesting, and I've seen the Bruins trap with the best of them. He was definitely watching something else, American Idol, maybe?

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Every real Bruins fan (there aren't many) in that town seriously hates KPD and thinks he doesn't watch the games. Which judging by that article, is true.

I have a lot of respect for the real fans. There's a bond between real hockey fans you don't get with other sports because of how many idiots who have no idea how the game is played, but have opinions about it. It's one of the reasons Devils fans are better than 90% of Rangers fans. There may not be as many of us, but we appreciate the game. When we talk trash, it's based on fact instead of outdated crap or cliches. No disrespect to the 10% of Rangers fans either. I hate the team, and I hate the fanbase because of the idiots, but the few real fans I've come across are fun to talk to.

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