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I mean this is their fourth straight loss. 6-2L 1-0L 2-1L(should have been 2-0 in reg thanks kov) and 10-2L. all im saying is that OUR team better not take them as being nothing. The team needs to remember all of last year and the first two games this year and compare it to the second two games this year and know that they can handle them if they play them correctly. GOD I LOVE THIS TEAM

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Do you think he'd be this bad if he were still in Jersey? Take a look at how solid Holik has been for them lately. It's not the player (Gomez), it's the NYR. By that I mean this organization lacks any shread of killer instinct. From the top down, the organization to the coaching staff, everything funnels down to the lifeless product on the ice. We are a team in disarray going nowhere fast.

Ever notice how much of a big deal we make it when the Rangers come back from say 2 goals down & win? Seriously, just chew on that for a while.


One of my favs

EDIT: lol I love this one too..

Originally Posted by HockeyBasedNYC

What the **** is he worth out there right now?

A 7.357m cap hit until 2013.

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