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With Brodeur Back, are the Devils now Stanley Cup favorites?

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Definitely agree with this:

First, a word about Brodeur's performance last night: typical. Nothing too flashy, a total workmanlike effort behind a defense that allowed 24 shots, many of them harmless. Basically, the difference between Marty and, say, Scott Clemmensen last night is that it was a shutout instead of a 4-1 win.

And an interesting stat:

But here's the real stunner: What's the Devils' record when scoring three or more goals in a game this season?


Good read. Not sure it takes much into account on overall Cup potential, but gives a lot to feel good about as a Devils fan.

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So does this mean we're 4-16-3 when scoring 2 or less? :blink: That's pretty bad.

There are not many goalies in the league that can live off of 2-1 and 1-0 wins. Brodeur's one.... trying to think of another..... Mason?

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The first was that, yet again, the Devils fan base can create an incredible atmosphere in their arena when motivated, cheering Brodeur on even the most routine touch of the puck. The problem has always been that they need a special occasion like this or an appearance from the Rangers or Flyers to make that happen; which, in turn, leaves that random weekday game against a Southeast Division foe sounding like the basement of a mortuary.

so true

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