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Guerin missing from the game after warmups


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Billy Jaffe from the MSG broadcast just stated he believes it to be a trade and that we will know something tomorrow. Mostly talking about how Billme will have to approve it.

Hopefully it gets leaked.

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February 29, 2009 - Traded by the New York Islanders to the Mighty Ducks for Kenny Wu, Julie the Cat and the Bash Brothers

OK, it must have been re-added as that definitely wasn't there when I clicked! :lol:

Apparently there was something about a Russian hooker in there too... :noclue:

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Hes reading it from Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate)'s site: http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate)/UPDA...as-well/1/19688

He took the skate, was healthy, but is a no show for the warm up and game against Buffalo....

Updated...Guerin has texted Andy Strickland to tell him that we will all know what is going on with him in the morning...he has left the building.

Andy has learned that it is NOT NJ or Boston. I found out that it is NOT Philly...

I am hearing that Washington, Buffalo, and Pittsburgh are all possible.

Looking into it...

As Andy Strickland reported, Derek Morris is in the same boat...

Keep it here.


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I must change my odds to.. 60% Florida, 40% Pittsburgh


and it's as valid as some of the guesses here!!!

For Kung Fu Naki :P

Who is secretly Wang's SON!!!!! :blink:

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