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Funny Posts from Flyers MB GDT


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Some had respect, some had hatred, some had humor. Overall they were very down on their team. We smoked em today and while I think the Flyers are a very talented team, the fans are pretty brutal at times. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.


Brodeur...he's always there. I f*cking hate this guy.

fu cking Marty just retire already

We won't score today. (posted halfway through the period 1)

I'm a Chicago Bears fan, and my hatred for the Packers isn't even close to comparing with my my hatred for the ****ing Devils.

Going to need a deflection to beat Marty.

The best thing about being a defender for the Devils is that on a 2 on 1 you can literally just take the man and let the shooter do whatever because 99% of the time Marty is going to make the save.

watching Biron and Brodeur is like night and day

We've had 28 shots blocked so far.

are we sure this game is even live? It's the same Flyers vs Devils game I've seen for the last 14 years.

the Flyers are fine. it's the devils that are so much better than everyone thought (as always)

LMFAO....nothing like a game versus the Devs to show how far from being a contender we are.

biron should be taken to woodshed

If you swapped the two goalies, it would be 3-0 Flyers.

100 shutouts out of 547 wins. Unreal

Game recap:

"Flyers in across the line, with a shot....blocked."

Rinse and repeat.

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Y'know its amazing that it would take a Flyer fan to point out to me that every five and a half games Brodeur wins is a shutout.

Hes played about 980, though 1 in 10 is pretty impressive too.

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