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Devils Hurting With 4-3 Loss


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The New Jersey Devils Unofficial Web Site's Kyle Bisignani will be making his second appearance on The Face-Off Hockey Show on Wednesday evening, brought to you by Broadcastmonsters.com. The show will begin at 9:00 PM ET, and Kyle is tentatively scheduled to be on at 10:00 PM ET. If Wednesday night's game runs late and has multiple overtime periods, the interview will occur later. Details will be posted at http://njdevils.info

If you wish to listen in Wednesday night, tune in your Windows Media Player to the following address:



In one of the strangest games so far this year, the Devils lost 4-3. The game started off on an extremely bad note with Scott Stevens injured at 77 seconds into the first period. It was later determined that he was hit in the ear by the puck, was stitched up, and taken to the hospital. That started the ripple effect that eventually led to the Devils destruction. Three goals, scored all in the first, made the game seem over by the end of the first period. There was, however, still 40 minutes to play, and the Devils planned on taking advantage of it. The Devils action was sloppy and simply a mess. They were not connecting, they had no defense, and their offense barely made any good scoring chances.

All hope appeared to be lost. But some inspirational words by Ken Daneyko pepped up the team. That, plus a bad penalty taken by Vincent Lecavalier gave the Devils the chance they needed to score a goal. The second goal came 56 seconds later. The third goal, scored 7:30 later, wasn

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