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GDT: Flamers at NJ Devils


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:dance:LETS GO DEVILS :dance:

Not understanding all the Pando hate here....like he was primarily responsible for the loss on Sat? Really? I guess he's just the new whipping boy.

Sure Mike's tough, but at least Pando has given up a goal directly in front of our own net yet.

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Referees: #10 Paul Devorski, #43 Brian Pochmara

Linesman: #54 Greg Devorski, #67 Pierre Champouxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anybody else wondering if the Devorski brothers carpooled together on I-78 the drive from Hershey to Newark?

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Shania Twain, no sh!t... is this Photoshopped?

Can't believe the Asslanders game is on MSG+ while we are relegated to overflow. Vanderbeek, get us out of this godawful TV contract. Please make a new channel that only plays Kevin Smith movies and Devils games. People will watch Jeff, people will watch.

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so uh yeah those Rags fan, i mean MSG definitely is trying to screw us over. Dont they always tend to do something stupid during a Devils telecast?

those fvckheads.

For the hell of it I checked MSG and MSG+ to see if it got moved for some reason but no...instead of a Devils game we get some lame ass commercials.

at least chuck norris was in the commercial

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