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551 in Montreal!


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I picked up Tami at Secaucus Junction at 9:30 am on Saturday morning. What's parked beside the curb? A devils themed bus wrap!

The drive easy and punctuated with a lot of Bruce and Bon Jovi. We arrived at the Bell Cetre and took goofy pictures:




That's Adam in the back, Me in the leather pants, Tami in the red coat and Ben in the Bruins jersey. We denied knowing him if someone started picking a fight ;D

even the pups in Montreal are Habs fans!



Marty took the ice for warmups and this the first rink i've ever been to where they don't let you downstairs for the warmup skate! Suppose the place would be mobbed if they let that happen but I was hoping to get downstairs and represent.

Luckily plenty of people were there to do just that.


There were Devils fans everywhere!


Have to wonder if Marty stood on that crest on purpose.



Some action shots:





Blurry shots with random Jersey boys from the 2nd intermission. We had a great Lets Go Devils *clap clap clap* chant going




I got Langenbrunner's goal!


and I wish this were clearer:


but i was too busy with the BRODEUR chant going up all around me!

I have media notes, nabbed from a friend of mine to scan and the ticket and all sorts of other things. I got a ticket on the drive back last night but the trooper was nice to me about it. We got quizzed at the border but it was more out of envy than suspicion!

Full gallery here

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You must've had an awesome time. Montreal is such a great party town.

Honestly i was so exhausted after the game we had a couple of beers on Crescent and went back to catch the HNIC highlights on CBC :D

I'm definitely up for another trip though, it was so much fun

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I was in the section right next to you. I was in a row of pretty much all Devils fans. I knew the Bruins fan in your photos looked familiar.


haha nice! I wondered who the other people snapping photos were!

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I was the one wearing the Oduya jersey.

Rad! got anymore from our impromptu rally on the concourse?

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bro awesome photos im from Montreal would have gone to the game but couldn't :(

anyways nice

Thanks :D Montreal is an incredible city, I will definitely be back!

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